• For Vampire Romance Lovers!
  • A Brand-New, Thrilling, Sensual, Urban Fantasy Series You’ll Love
  • Dark Characters, Sizzling Scenes, Fast-paced Action and Suspense


My name is Rose. I’m a Miami girl- a normal girl with an iPhone, a Spotify subscription, and lots of dreams I do nothing about. One fateful night at a posh South Beach party changes all that. Seduced by an alluring creature, I wake up in a world I never imagined. I am now the prisoner of powerful, immortal vampires bent on possessing my blood, my body, and my soul. I have been chosen to become a companion, a member of their elite vampire harem. My only choice: submit or die. My only hope: the three gorgeous and seductive males assigned as my mentors, protectors, and lovers.


The are presently six volumes in the Vampires in the Mist Series. You may buy these volumes individually at all major online sellers such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many others. You may also buy them at Zeecé Lugo’s online store at the link below.

NOTE: The book Rose and the Vampires contains all the first three volumes: Once Chosen, Veil of Mist, and A Raven for a Crow. Rose and the Witches contains the second three volumes: Blood and Magic, Bloodstone, and Roses and Thorns. These books represent a considerable savings over buying each volume separately. These collections are only sold at Zeecé’s online store.