For paranormal fantasy lovers, this is a thrilling. sensual, daring series you’ll love. Filled with dark characters, sizzling scenes, fast-paced action and suspense, this series will take you on a wild rollercoaster ride.

Rose and the Vampires begins the adventures of Rose, a Miami girl- a young woman with an iPhone, a Spotify subscription, and lots of dreams she does nothing about. One fateful night at a posh beach-mansion party changes all that. Seduced by an alluring creature, she wakes up in a world she never imagined, prisoner of powerful, immortal vampires bent on possessing her blood, her body, and her soul.

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Rose and the Witches, the second book of the series, finds Rose safe and happy, beginning her companion training at the witches’ safe haven. However, this peaceful interlude shortly comes to an end as she faces an evil, unrelenting enemy from a past she never knew existed.

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Rose and the Dragons finds Rose facing her most demanding role yet: that of mother to a strange and gifted child, one she must protect and defend from powerful enemies all around them.

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WARNING: These series is not suitable reading for younger readers or adults who object to violence in content, sexual and taboo topics.

A Freebie for you! Download Once Chosen, the original first installment of the Rose series. This series started out as a novella serial, and Once Chosen was the first novella. It now comprises the first part of Rose and the Vampires. It is no longer available for sale at online sellers; you can only download it here, at the author’s homepage.

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