New Cover for Daniel’s Fork

Cover for Daniel's Fork New 2018


I have been updating some of my book covers recently. Daniel’s Fork, the first novel I wrote, has always been problematic when it comes to cover ideas. It’s a story set in the future, but it’s not a technological, sci-fi-type future. It’s characters are hard to illustrate with contemporary images and stock photography. 

I love the image of the healer as the focus of the old cover, but I wanted to bring some color and a lighter tone to the new one. The result is this new cover. The added character is Susanna, the center of the mystery. She is a beautiful, lusty girl and a fitting contrast to the healer. I hope you like the new cover. 

Coming Soon! Book 3 of the Angel’s Guardian series.



Look for it in late spring, 2018. Only at Amazon.



A New Series by Zeecé Lugo . TRY IT with a FREE download of “Vampire, Not Monster,” the short story that introduces Maxim, the NYC prowling vamp. Follow it up with Angel’s Guardian, the full first novel in the series. 


Romance, Action, Suspense, Humor, Eroticism, all packed in a fast-paced read that will leave you hungry for more!

This is NOT Twilight! Not Vampire Girl! Not another YA read! Definitely not Sookie!

The vampire Maxim haunts the heights of NYC. He is different. He is flawed. He’ll suck your blood. He’ll steal your heart!

  • 4.7 Stars Review Average


  • I love vampire stories that are different that break away from the Bram Stoker mode and creates a new species of vampire. With “Angel’s Guardian,” Zeecé Lugo does this and more.  LAS Book Reviews
  • I’ve always a sucker for a Beauty & the Beast storyline, especially if it’s well-written. This book did not disappoint. I absolutely loved it. Review by Pamela Foley.
  • Fantastic, with just the right amount of spice, Angel’s Guardian was a fascinating twist on the vampire genre. Review by Scottish Hunni
  • I found myself hurrying through tasks so I could start reading, again! That’s my test for a good book – one I don’t want to put down & can’t wait to pick up, again!  Review by booklover 13
  • I don’t usually do reviews but I really loved this book! Had a hard time putting it down to get things done
    Looking forward to some more Max and Angel adventures! Review by Kathy Barrett


Read the Blurb:

The vampire Maxim makes his home in New York City. Self-exiled from the vampire nation, he spends his days in quiet solitude and his nights prowling the heights and hunting evil, his prey of choice. On a cold, November night, he chances upon a gang rape in a desolate back alley. He leaps at the chance to feed on predators of the worst kind, his favorite prey. But the situation takes a turn he never expected, and soon he finds himself wishing he’d made a different choice on that fateful night.

Angelica has been on the run for years. Kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring at the age of fourteen, she escaped only to be relentlessly pursued by her enemies ever since. Tonight, they found her. As she lies dying on a cold, dark alley, her only fear is for the secret she desperately hid moments before they caught her. A secret she must protect with her life from her enemies and from the monster that destroyed them and now turns red, fiery eyes upon her.

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Book 2 in the series, Thicker Than Blood, is now available at the Amazon store. 

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Read the Blurb:

Maxim, heir to the vampire throne, is recalled home after a long, self-imposed exile. With his human mate, Angel, at his side, he hopes to settle matters quickly, and return as soon as possible to his idyllic life in New York City. But soon after their arrival, things go horribly wrong. Angel is taken by his enemy, one that will use her as a pawn, stopping at nothing to destroy Maxim and wrest the vampire throne from him. Now, the vampire is in a race against time to rescue his beloved from an enemy who knows no bounds.

Angelica is thrilled to accompany her beloved vampire to his homeland. She hopes the visit will help him come to terms with his family, and settle once and for all, the problems that plague them. Hours after they arrive, she discovers that the world she has entered is full of danger and intrigue. A trap is set, and she falls into the hands of Maxim’s evil enemy. She watches in horror as she becomes the lure used to bring her lover to his death.

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