Take Charge of Your eBooks- Part 2

In my previous post, I wrote about the need to remove DRM from your books in order to create a liberated library. In this post, I will discuss how to begin doing this. I will start with the most popular system out there, Kindle.

Kindle for PC is an Amazon app that enables you to read your Kindle books on a pc or desktop computer. In the old days, when not everyone owned a smart phone or tablet, this was very common. Today, not so much. However, for our purpose, this app is essential because it makes your entire Kindle library accessible.

I will start with the assumption that you followed my last post and downloaded an older version of Kindle for PC. The older versions pull down your Kindle books in AZW format which several apps can convert. In windows, this Kindle for PC creates its library in C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Kindle Content.

The “Username” will be the assigned username for the computer’s user. For example: C:\Users\csmith\Documents\My Kindle Content

Knowing the location of your Kindle Library is essential when the time comes to remove DRM and convert or import books. You can navigate to it using Windows’ File Explorer.

Once Kindle for PC is installed, open it. On the top menu, click on Options, then choose the General tab. Make sure that the “Automatically Install Updates …” is NOT CHECKED. Leave the box blank. You must not allow Kindle for PC to update to a later or latest version. Never!

Also in Options, click on the Registration tab and register the app. Your library will not download until the app is registered. Once registered, close the Options box.

Under Library, click on All. You will see the library begin to populate with all the books you own on Kindle. These books are on the Amazon servers. You need to click on each book, and it will download to your pc or laptop. A copy of each downloaded book will now reside in your Kindle for PC directory on your computer.

You can remove the copy from the Kindle for PC by clicking on the book and choosing “Remove from device.” This removes it from your computer but not from Amazon. You can download a book and remove it as often as you like.

Any new book you purchase from Amazon will show up automatically the next time you open Kindle for PC. You must click on it to download it. Once your Windows for PC is installed and functional, you are ready for the next step in the creation of your library. See you in the next post: Setting Up Calibre

Names Starting With “Z”

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