Indulge your thirst for romance, action, suspense, and vampires! The Angel’s Guardian series has it all. Begin with the short story Vampire, Not Monster, an urban fantasy (not a romance) which introduces the main character Maxim Denisov, a scruffy, eccentric, reclusive, vampire vigilante prowling and hunting in NYC.

Angel’s Guardian, the 1st full-length novel in the series, is a suspenseful romance with lots of action. Maxim, the reclusive, anti-social vampire, does a good deed which turns his own life upside down. This book is thrilling, romantic, and hilarious! You’ll love the characters.

Thicker Than Blood takes us to Europe with Max and Angel as he answers his family’s call and gets caught in a spiderweb of intrigue and power struggle which threaten the lives of his beloved new family.

Heart of Stone, the 3rd book in the trilogy! Toma makes his final bid for power, willing to destroy everything, including most of humanity, and only Max can stop him. But at what price?