Thicker Than Blood



Enter the world of Maxim & Angelica when you plunge into the riveting 2nd installment of the Angel’s Guardian Series. This is a Paranormal Vampire Romance set in the present. It is not suitable for younger readers, as it has explicit sexual content. It can be read as a stand-alone novel of approximately 70,500 words. Thicker Than Blood picks up where Angel’s Guardian ends.


Maxim, heir to the vampire throne, is recalled home after a long, self-imposed exile. With his human mate, Angel, at his side, he hopes to settle matters quickly and return as soon as possible to his idyllic life in New York City. But soon after their arrival, things go horribly wrong. Angel is taken by his enemy, one that will use her as a pawn and stop at nothing to destroy Maxim and wrest the vampire throne from him. Now, the vampire is in a race against time to rescue his beloved from an enemy who knows no bounds.

Angelica is thrilled to accompany her beloved vampire to his homeland. She hopes the visit will help him come to terms with his family, and settle once and for all, the problems that plague them. Hours after they arrive, she discovers that the world she has entered is full of danger and intrigue. A trap is set for her, and she falls into the hands of Maxim’s evil enemy. She watches in horror as she becomes the lure used to bring her beloved vampire to his death.