Vampire, Not Monster

This is the short-story prequel that introduces Maxim, the scruffy, antisocial vampire extraordinaire of Angel’s Guardian.

From the heights of NYC tenements, the vampire Maxim hunts for prey below. His quarry of choice: murderers, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters, the worst of the worst. On a sultry summer night, he witnesses a senseless murder, and the chase is on for a cold, merciless killer. But as the hunt intensifies, Maxim finds so much more than he expected.

Homeless fourteen-year-old Jonathan Lee Travers hunkers down on a bed of cardboard and newspapers with his loyal dog Whistler. He feels safer in the dark alley than he ever did at home with his pedophile stepfather. But tonight, something evil lurks in the dark, and it’s heading his way. Tonight, Jonathan will need a guardian angel, and those are scarce in the dark alleys of NYC.