You Are Invited!


If you’ve visited my blog, Names Starting with “Z,” you’ve probably seen the tab labeled “Discussion Group.” This is a brand-new group I recently started. I’m inviting you to join.

No, nothing is expected of you. I will not be trying to sell you anything, promise. It’s not my mailing list either. In fact, as soon as you join, you will be able to download a free copy of my newest book! What’s the catch?  No catch.

I left the social sites about six months ago. I have little patience for the constant drama that goes on in Facebook and Twitter and the amount of time and effort I spent on them. I grew tired of listening to political tirades and clicking a never-ending circle of Tweets till my fingers hurt.

I closed my accounts and moved on. However, I feel the need to be accessible to readers who may wish to interact with me. I need to hear their opinions, ideas, and to answer their questions should they have any.

My new discussion group is meant to address that issue. It will be the fastest and most direct way to interact with me. You might check out the topics every day or once a year; that’s up to you. You might put up a new topic for discussion or not.

I will use the group to test new releases as I will offer members the opportunity to Beta read for me. I will make sure that Smashwords coupons are available to members for FREE copies of my latest books. I will ask for opinions on things such as new covers and titles. 

Please, join me. I’d love to get to know you and let you get to know me. To join the group, visit my blog, Names Starting With “Z” and click on “Discussion Group” Tab at the top. Make a request for membership, and I will approve it within an hour or two. Once approved, you can visit the group and get your coupon for my latest release.

It is a new group; don’t mind if you are one of the first to join. I hope that soon there will be enough members to make it fun!