You Are Invited!


A Beta reader is someone who informally reads an author’s manuscript before it’s finalized. A Beta reader’s purpose is not review (those are ARC readers). Beta readers make comments as to what works and what doesn’t. They give their opinion. Often, I make changes based on my Beta readers’ inputs.

Would you like to be a Beta reader for me? You don’t have to read every book I put out, but if you agree to read, there is usually a time limit. Once you get the book, you normally have only two weeks to make your comments. I am not a prolific writer. You may be asked to read twice a year. 

If you are interested, email me. I am not very active on the social sites. I have a very basic Facebook page which I opened only for the purpose of hosting the Beta group as a closed group which only group members can see. Beta groups are usually small. 

If you’d like to be a Beta reader for me, contact me by emailing me at

Reply Here.

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