Where to Find Zeece

Welcome, Dear Reader!


Names Starting With “Z” 

I just started a new discussion group on my blog, Names Starting With “Z,” for readers who wish to interact with me and other readers. You may share your ideas, opinions, or ask questions about my books. I will often offer discount and FREE book coupons. Only the group members will have access to these coupons. I would love to have you join. Since I no longer do the social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this is the best way I can interact with readers. Just click on the link below and request membership.  




I’ve realized that Amazon is not great at sending notices of new releases. It doesn’t even show me how many followers I have. I am now making an effort to grow my BookBub following because BB is quite good at keeping readers informed. Please, Follow me on BookBub and enjoy their high quality offerings.

Amazon Author Page

Amazon does have a pretty detailed author page, and I do check it often.


I no longer do Facebook or Twitter.