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As you browse the store, be sure to pick up your free copies of Edge of the World, (available only at our store) as well as Vampire, Not Monster, and Five Stories Up. These are all FREE downloads only at Zeecé’s online store.

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For example, Rose and the Vampires is not available anywhere else. It’s a collection of Volumes 1,2, and 3 (Once Chosen, Veil of Mist, and A Raven for a Crow) of the Vampires in the Mist series.

Bought individually at $2.99 each, you’d pay $8.97 at all online sellers. Rose and the Vampires sells for $5.99. You get three volumes for the price of two!

You get the same savings with Rose and the Witches, which is the collection of volumes 4,5, and 6 (Blood and Magic, Bloodstone, and Roses and Thorns).

If you are interested in a series but are not sure you want to spend the money and discover you don’t like the series after all, you can download the first chapter excerpt of each book for free and try it out before you buy.

Remember, when you shop directly from the author, the earnings go entirely to the author. Both you and she benefit.