Heart of Stone


ROMANCE, SUSPENSE, ACTION, HUMOR, EROTICISM! All served in a fast-paced read that will keep you coming back for more. This is paranormal romantic suspense set in the present. Not suitable for younger readers, it has explicit sexual content. Approx 84,000 words. Heart of Stone picks up where Thicker Than Blood ends, but will also make a great stand-alone read.

Don’t miss the third book in the Angel’s Guardian series. Maxim’s nemesis, Toma, returns meaner than ever. His diabolic plans threaten not only the vampire nation but all of humanity as well. Join Max and Angel as they battle for love, life, and all they hold dear. All the action, suspense, humor, and romance of the Angel’s Guardian series make this book a must-read for lovers of romantic paranormal suspense.


Maxim and Angel’s idyllic existence is once again threatened by an enemy who will never give up. As gruesome vampire attacks begin to sweep over the world’s biggest cities, it becomes obvious that Toma, twisted by his hatred, envy, and hunger for revenge, has returned. He is determined to destroy his hated cousin Maxim and wrest the vampire crown from him. But as the number of butchered humans rises, and the existence of vampires is revealed to the world, it becomes apparent that something much more sinister is on the works. Toma wants not only the vampire crown; he wants the world and is willing to destroy most of humanity to rule the rest!

Once again, the supporting characters readers have loved, little Nina, baby Marco, Jonathan Travers, Devian Harris, the beautiful vampire siblings Luca and Bianca, and the dark vixen Ivanna, come together in a thrilling, suspenseful, intensely sensual read that will keep you up all night. Don’t miss it!