Would you believe that the latest craze in reading is “not reading”? That’s right! Now the trend is to listen to your books. The beauty of this is that you can be listening as you work, relax, vacation, or sleep. Don’t miss the next installment of your favorite series because you have no time. Listen to it in beautiful narration as you work, commute, or sit back with a glass of wine in your hand instead of a book.

I am so excited! Strongheart’s Woman and Daniel’s Fork have been produced as audiobooks.  Strongheart’s Woman was produced by narrator Heather Foster, a wonderful artist whose velvety voice is just perfect for the tone of the book.  Strongheart’s Woman is silky, romantic, requiring a matching voice, and Heather Foster was, in my opinion, the perfect choice. The audiobook is now available on Amazon, Audible, and  iTunes.

Daniel’s Fork was narrated by Cathy Durnham. Cathy’s background is in acting, and she provides wonderful nuances to the different characters. Daniel’s Fork has a humorous, irreverent tone, and her voice is perfect for this story. The book is available at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Audiobooks are rising in popularity as they are perfect to listen to as you drive, do housework, office work, wait at the doctor’s office, or lounge by the beach. They are perfect for those whose busy schedules leave little time for reading. I was one of those readers who resisted eBooks and audiobooks. Now, I am hooked on both!


Strongheart’s Woman, Zeecé Lugo’s beautiful romance set in the Daniel’s Fork universe is now available as an audiobook. 

Listen to a Sample of Strongheart’s Woman



Daniel’s Fork, a beautiful mystery set in the Daniel’s Fork universe is now also available as an audiobook.

Listen to a Sample of Daniel’s Fork