Rogues and Lovers


Rogues and Lovers  picks up immediately where Hunter’s Snare ends; however, its theme is entirely different. This is a romantic, erotic novella with absolutely no mystery plot. Here we find the characters of Daniel’s Fork village as they pick up their lives and relationships in the aftermath of the tragedy and horror of the previous novel.

Susanna Roe finds herself miraculously free of her long-time stalker. She is now a beautiful, rich, young  heiress who can choose from all the eager young men of the village. Who will she choose? Will she settle on and catch the handsome, roguish Lord Evers?

Jonas has won the wager that he made with Eric Salvo. Now, Jonas must find a way to collect his winnings from the serious, noble, and very “straight” Captain Salvo.  But something very unexpected happens along the way to seduction, and Jonas finds that winning a wager is not the same as winning a heart!

Carlos Delacruz has always had a special connection to Gabby, but Gabby is a free soul who loves the open relationship she shares with all her companions. Carlos wants what Gabby will not give. Will another woman’s love steal Carlos from the group?

Finally, there is the love-hate connection between Lord Evers and Setiyah, the healer. Will that go anywhere? It is obvious that a tenderness exists between them, but there are also secrets there.