Strongheart’s Woman


Tired of billionaire bosses and stepbrothers? Had enough of vampires and werewolves? Bored with throbbing rods and quivering girly parts? Do you want some real prose with your romance, spiced with just the right touch of sexy?

Want to meet characters you’ll love? Want to be swept away into a world that is new, fresh, full of possibilities? Want to experience Earth reborn?

Come into the world of Strongheart’s Woman, where men are passionate and heroic, and women are breathtaking! A place where lovers gaze at the stars, dance under the full moon, and love with unbridled passion!


Victor Strongheart followed the sounds drifting to him in the wind like the sweet, clear tinkling of wind chimes over the babble of flowing water. They were the chatterings and laughter of females where there should be none, but who was he to mistrust his own ears.

    The warrior-lord moved with a hunter’s stealth as he followed the path parallel to the river. As the sounds grew louder, he dropped into a crouch and almost belly-crawled his way until the swimming hole came into view.

    It was a beautiful spot indeed, clear and deep, with a large, smooth boulder perched on the edge of the water, great for jumping into the river. Surrounded by sheltering trees and shrubs, it was the perfect place to bathe and frolic. That was exactly what the dozen or so young women were doing. The lord realized what he was doing was not in any way dignified. However, the most honorable man in the world would be hard pressed to pass by a flock of naked young ladies and not stop for a tiny, indulgent glimpse. A wicked smile spread across his face as he settled to do some strategic and absolutely necessary spying.

    Out of the water came the most tempting water nymph any man could imagine. The young woman made her way up the boulder to join her friends. Long, dark, wet hair clung to smooth shoulders and down her slim back, to drip over the deep curve that gave way to luscious, firm buttocks. Thighs, long and smooth, met at the juncture where a small triangle of space between the legs could be seen.

    As the girl bent at the waist to gather her wet hair and squeeze the water from it, a full view of her fleshy little mound, pink, moist, nestled under her perfect ass, rewarded his appreciative eyes. She stood, turned, tossed the wealth of wet hair over her back and raised her face to the sky, seeking the warm kiss of the sun upon her face. From round, firm breasts crowned with pebbled, rosy nipples, dripped iridescent fat drops of water.

    “Enjoying yourself?” whispered a voice next to him, and he almost flew out of his skin.

    “Hush, my friend,” he whispered, “that we may enjoy the view a bit longer.” As the two men watched, other young women came out of the water and climbed the boulder. Some squeezed out long, wet tresses. Others settled down with knees slightly apart to allow their intimate nooks to dry out in the sun, and a few sat combing their hair with hand-carved wooden combs.

    One girl, lush and soft like a mouth-watering peach, arranged herself on the smooth boulder while a friend rubbed her with a white cream scooped out of a small clay pot. Beside him, his companion’s breath caught at such a tempting sight. “Such treasure to be had among the Choctaw,” the lord said to his friend.

    A few moments later, a rider crested the rise on the far side of the river and rode down the embankment. She wore baggy trousers of faded black cotton, a white, long-sleeved tunic belted around the waist, and a dark length of cloth wrapped around the head and shoulders to protect her from sun and wind.

    “Annasai,” the young woman’s voice rang out from her perch on the horse. “Your father sends for you. The visitors are expected any time now, and he wants you at his side and looking presentable when they arrive.”

    “No,” the beauty who first caught his attention called back. “The day is too beautiful to spend with boring old men. You go, Setiyah. You stand for me.”

    The rider took a deep breath, considering her options. She dismounted and, not bothering to tether her mount, walked down to the boulder. “You know I can’t do that. You are the chief’s daughter. I’m only his niece. It’s your duty to be there. Are you not curious to see the man who will become your husband?”

    At this point, Eric Salvo turned to the man who was both his lord and closest friend and grinned. “You are a lucky bastard! That stunning girl is the chief’s daughter. I bet the Accord will not be so hard to keep after all.”

    Victor Strongheart, lord of Daniel’s Fork and commander of its warriors, smiled so widely, his face threatened to crack. “Not hard at all.” On the far bank, the argument continued.

    “Annasai, quit being such a child and come down. We must dry and braid your hair and make you presentable. There’s little time. Hurry.”

    “No, Setiyah. Go back, wear my clothes, cover your head, and stand for me. No one will know the difference. Please, please? Do it for me, my love. I will be there tonight for the feast, I promise.” Annasai pouted her lush lips in a pleading gesture.

    Setiyah stood there a moment longer, gazing in frustration at her beautiful cousin. How Annasai always managed to wrap her cousin around her little finger was something Setiyah had long ceased to ask herself. The girls, born six months apart with Setiyah the eldest, were extreme opposites.

    One acted like she was the mother, and the other behaved like a child. Where one was serious and contemplative, the other was all laughter and impulse. While one was responsible and sensible, the other was wild and selfish. One was mindful of the future of the tribe, but the other thought only of the moment and her own fun.

    Still, Annasai was neither evil nor hurtful, as Setiyah well knew. She was just like a songbird, light, playful, wanting to have fun while her beauty was fresh and her power strong. Setiyah sighed and took up her task.

    These were the careless, wonderful days of youth before Annasai had to settle to a husband, children, and the rigors of duty. The last freedom before she had to marry a man she did not know, maybe even an ugly, mean-tempered brute.

    All because the Accord between the tribes and the territory must be upheld. Setiyah mounted her horse and left, and the girls all jumped back in the water with much laughter and careless abandon. The two men took the opportunity to make a quick, quiet retreat. Ten minutes later, they were back on the trail with their men.

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Check out the reviews below to see what reviewers are saying about this novel. This novel earned a Five-Star Review from Reader’s Favorite!

5 star review at Reader’s Favorite

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers’ Favorite

Having read, reviewed, and loved The Edge of the World, I immediately followed it with Daniel’s Fork: A Mystery set in the Daniel’s Fork Universe. The story, the characters, and the talent of author Zeecé Lugo ensured that I would continue to immerse myself in this fabulously inventive series as soon as the next book arrived. That third book, Strongheart’s Woman, supplements a set of stories that are all part and parcel of a fantasy tale set in a future past. The saga of Daniel’s Fork is described, at least partially, as a dystopian story. The saga is certainly set in a future following an apocalyptic event — in this case a pandemic — but it is far from ‘a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.’ Instead, the future world has gone back to an American future where the great Choctaw and Creek Indian tribes have reestablished timeless traditions, and the ‘white’ man has reverted to a feudal system of government, reminiscent of the Middle Ages in Europe. This future world is anything but dystopian. The story combines fantasy, romance, and suspense genres with a sprinkling of alternative history to thoroughly delight all readers who enjoy any of these genres.

The story is epic in scope and, in the hands of its creator, could easily become the next Game of Thrones or Outlander series in print and film. As much as I love the story, I must also add that to write a tale of this scope requires an accomplished and talented author. Ms. Lugo is with a doubt capable of accomplishing this feat and much more. She writes with confidence and skill, weaving a wonderful love story into a fantasy world that contains more verisimilitude than many novels set in the real world. Her characters literally leap from the pages through dialogue, thoughts and actions. Although the Daniel’s Fork saga is a series, each individual book stands on its own. As in real life, the times and places remain stable, while the characters come and go but are always connected to each other. The author has a firm grasp of historical societies that she blends into this new world with a deft hand. Strongheart’s Woman is a tale you’ll not want to miss. After your first glimpse of Daniel’s Fork, whether the prelude story or any of the three novels, I am confident you’ll want more. I do, and A Time For Love is already on my Kindle.

5 star review at Amazon

A triumph!, May 27, 2015
Scottish Hunni
This review is from: Strongheart’s Woman: A Romance set in the Daniel’s Fork Universe (Before Daniel’s Fork Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
A stunning prequel to the world of Daniel’s Fork. Lord Strongheart is set to marry the Choctaw princess, under an agreement made by their ancestors to keep the peace in the world left after the “Great Death.” Annasai is a vibrant woman, playful and eager to please. There is only one thing holding Lord Strongheart back, and that’s her cousin, Setiyah, a healer, and very headstrong woman. Will Lord Strongheart be able to do the right thing, or will his heart lead him down a path of destruction?

Miss Lugo certainly does not disappoint in this beautifully written tale of love and lust. Although set in a world after humanity has all but been wiped out, she does not resort to the typical dystopian themes, but reverts back to a time of lords, warriors, and tribal cultures. I cannot fault this novel in any way, and I am left wanting more from the world of Daniel’s Fork!

5 star review at Amazon

Almost Austen flavour, May 29, 2015
Ngaruawahia Girl
This review is from: Strongheart’s Woman: A Romance set in the Daniel’s Fork Universe (Before Daniel’s Fork Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I love this Daniel’s Fork series and will definitely read more of them. I love how even though it’s a post-apocalyptic world, the world has reverted back to what it was around the 1800s with shades of the future and more recent times. It’s really clever and written in a way that’s engaging. The author has a way of writing that has an almost Austen flavour in her diction but it works. I would definitely recommend this series.

5 star Review at Amazon

LOVE THIS STORY, June 20, 2015
Pamela Foley
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Strongheart’s Woman: A Romance set in the Daniel’s Fork Universe (Before Daniel’s Fork Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I was introduced to the lovely, spicy, witchy woman, Setiyah, in the first novel of this wonderful world, Daniel’s Fork. In that tale, she was an older woman and the widow of Lord Victor Strongheart. This book tells the story of a younger Setiyah and Lord Victor, how they met and the obstacles they each overcame to realize their true love. I love Setiyah’s character. She’s head-strong, independent, saucy and loyal to her core. But she can also be soft and vulnerable.

By the established Accords, the only way Victor Strongheart can become the Lord of Daniel’s Fork, he must wed the Choctaw Chieftain’s daughter, Princess Annasai. Yes, she’s everything a hot-blooded man could want, beautiful, sexy and passionate. But, she’s also willful, spoiled and selfish. She has a hard time relating to the needs of her people and their misfortunes. As Victor becomes closer with Annasai, he realizes she’s not the one that has claimed his heart and the best woman to serve the people of Daniel’s Fork.

I really love the concept of Daniel’s Fork, and could see myself living in this type of world. I hate our modern existence and what we, as humans, have lost to the God of progress and technology.l I also think that Zeece Lugo outdid herself with this book. It’s more alive with drama and emotions than the first one. The story is gripping and fast-paced, and I couldn’t wait to get to the conclusion. The story is well-written and the characters each have their own voice. I loved this story and can’t wait to read more from this extremely, talented author. I highly recommend this tale and give it my 5 feathers. Good job.

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