Welcome to Zeecé’s world of fiction!

You can now take a Journey to the Future Past! Journey to a world that once existed and may come to be again. Zeecé writes Speculative Fiction. She has created a new world, Earth the way it should be. Begin your journey to the Future Past with Edge of the World,” a short story set ten years before Daniel’s Fork, and currently available at most eBook sellers as a totally FREE download (no sign-up to mailing list needed).

Follow “Edge of the World” with Strongheart’s Woman, a truly beautiful romance that sets the stage for the next installment in the saga, Daniel’s Fork. Follow with A Time for Love, a novella that ties up several threads in the previous novel. There are three more books planned for this series.

The Daniel’s Fork series can be classified as Speculative Fiction. This is a close relative of Science Fiction. Speculative Fiction lays claim to fiction that does not fall exactly into Science Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel, Horror, or Historical Fiction genres. It includes novels that have a setting in the future, on Earth, but do not have elements such as robotic technology, space travel, aliens, etc. This fiction differs from Science Fiction in that it’s a possible future that takes place right here, on planet Earth, as a developmental consequence of natural change.

The Daniel’s Fork world is the result of a world pandemic. Mankind “begins again” in true and tried methods. If you were to step into the Daniel’s Fork universe, you’d think you were living in America’s colonial times, but you would not have traveled back in time. The Daniel’s Fork world has elements of our modern world because its people developed from and after ours. They did not keep our language, but they developed a purer, more lyrical voice. They use the blade and the torch, but they know about electricity and medicine. They just lack our methods of technology. A journey to Daniel’s Fork would be a journey to the “Future Past.”

Note: These novels contain strong sexual content and graphic scenes not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to such content. Both “Edge of the World” and Strongheart’s Woman contain scenes of violence that some readers may find disturbing. Daniel’s Fork and its sequel novella, A Time for Love, have strong sexual content. Please, do not read if such content is objectionable to you. These novels, however, are not erotica as the sexual content is limited to one or two chapters and is not the focus of the novels.

For something a little different and not part of the Daniel’s Fork universe, try the short story “Five Stories Up.”  It was first published as part of the Halloween-themed anthology, The Cat, the Crow, and the Cauldron. It is now available as a stand-alone short story at most eBook sellers and totally FREE (no sign-up email required.)

Ms Lugo’s latest work is in the paranormal vampire romance genre. You may dip your feet into her new series by downloading a totally FREE copy of “Vampire, Not Monster,” the short story that introduces the character Maxim Denisov, reclusive New Yorker and overall scruffy, grumpy vampire about town. This short story is the prequel to the full-length novel Angel’s Guardian. The next installment in the series is titled Thicker Than Blood, and it is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon. The release date for this latest novel is July 10th, 2017.


To see or preview each of works mentioned above, click on the specific book on the menu. Included are links to individual sellers and even reviews taken from  Amazon.



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