Welcome to my corner! I am author Zeecé Lugo. I was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Brooklyn and lived in many places. My early love was reading. I flew with Anne McCafrey’s dragons in Pern, kept company with elves in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, solved murders with Miss Marple in Agatha Christie’s St. Mary Mead, and helped Brother Cadfael in Ellis Peters’s Shrewsbury Abbey. These authors all had an incredible influence and hold on my imagination.

I lived a whole life before I turned to writing. I wrote my first novel, Hunter’s Snare, (previously titled Daniel’s Fork) in 2013. I completed it in two months, spending long hours at my task. During that time, I ensconced myself in my bedroom with my computer, barely coming out to grab a cup of coffee or a snack. One day, my nearest neighbor came desperately knocking at my bedroom window, afraid that I might be dead; no one had seen me for days!

My first novel was meant to be the first book in a romantic trilogy. Little did I know that stories have a way of going where they want to go.  It turned out to be a journey to the future past! It’s an erotic mystery set in the future, giving birth to a fictional Eden, the Daniel’s Fork village and its people.

I presently live surrounded by mountains in a small town. After living my entire life in the United States, mostly in large cities such as New York City and Miami, returning to such a provincial, old-world setting is like traveling back in time. I love my surroundings, and they inspire me to write. I also spend part of the year in Florida, where I have family and friends.

My work is targeted to the adult reader. Although it’s not erotica, it does have content depicting sexual situations and violence not suitable for younger readers or even some adults who object to such content.

Taken 2022 at home in my work room during a coffee break.